Towards Natural Gas Hub in the Caribbean: where supply meets demand

IFE’s latest whitepaper “TOWARDS NATURAL GAS HUBS IN THE CARIBBEAN REGION: WHERE SUPPLY MEETS DEMAND” discusses the growing number of key LNG and Gas projects being developed in the Caribbean and across The Americas.

“With the Shale revolution, United States has moved from being an importer to exporter of LNG. This natural gas boom has generated interest in the Caribbean region and the Americas to develop natural gas projects hoping for cheaper gas supplies from US Golf Coast.

This region consists of at least 28 island nations in the Caribbean, 7 countries in mainland Central America and 5 of the 15 countries in South America that border the Caribbean Sea.

Most of the Caribbean Region has a small natural gas demand and hasn’t been an attractive market for traditional LNG exporters. With the concept of a Caribbean Hub this region is gaining importance, having a larger receiving terminal distributing smaller cargos of LNG to neighbouring nations………………”

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