Climate change: Boris Johnson condemned over ‘downright dangerous’ plan to allow North Sea fuel drilling

Campaigners say the global oil demand is already met by oil and gas exploration to date

Source: SKY

Lorna Slater has criticised plans for future oil and gas extractions, escalating an heated row over drilling for fossil fuels in UK waters. 

The UK government’s policy on allowing the extraction of new oil and gas from the North Sea is “downright dangerous”, the co-leader of the Scottish Green Party has told Sky News.

The MSP’s comments are an escalation in an increasingly heated row over drilling for fossil fuels in UK waters, symbolised by the controversial Cambo oil field, which is due to receive final government approval for extraction to go ahead.

Lorna Slater, whose party is newly powerful after striking an agreement with the SNP, said: “The UK government’s position to continue oil and gas extraction in the North Sea (and) to issue new licences is not defensible.”

“It isn’t compatible with our countries signing the Paris Agreement,” she said, adding that Boris Johnson is being “more than negligent”.

“I think he’s being downright dangerous.

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Hannah Thomas-Peter