Distance Learning – LNG Fundamentals and Markets Course

DISTANCE LEARNING – LNG Fundamentals course
3 day course

Learning Outcomes

Learn about the key issues of the global natural gas
and LNG industry
Identify main players in the LNG supply and demand
Concept LNG value chain, its main features and costs
Discover the factors that are affecting the LNG industry,
threats and opportunities
Analyse LNG price formation
Understand main contractual arrangement in LNG
Know about new development and projects on FSRUs,

Who Should Attend?

Professionals of the Gas and LNG industry
Service providers
New entrants to the industry
Government officials

Topics Covered

What is LNG?
LNG Value Chain
Global and Regional Markets
Price Mechanisms
LNG value chain costs
Business Models
Commercial Structures
Contractual Arrangements
LNG projects
New Developments FSRUs, FLNG
Small Scale LNG

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