LNG Industry Fundamentals Webinar – 20th April 2018

LNG Industry Fundamentals Webinar – 20th April 2018 @1pm GMT

The webinar will cover the key topics of LNG industry that will be necessary to understand how this industry behaves.

Why should you Attend ?

Because there is a great global interest on understanding this industry, its markets, its main players, etc. LNG trades are growing, bringing with it a more interactions between suppliers and demand. New natural gas developments have increased LNG exports and more countries are building and expanding their LNG import terminals.

Areas Covered in the Session

  • Natural Gas Industry
  • LNG value chain
  • LNG supply and demand
  • Developments

Learning Objectives

  • Key features of global LNG industry
  • Understanding the natural gas and LNG markets
  • Concept of LNG value chain


Who Will Benefit?

  • Professionals and Staff working in companies
  • Institutions interested on embarking in LNG projects